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Dirty Rats chased by Cats, Employed by a Junkyard Dog by the name of Master Mastiff in a fast paced maze game with projectiles that pays homage to Pac-Man.

Master Mastiff is pissed that all of his K-9 Krunchies (his favorite snacks given to him by the late Mrs. Mastiff) are being mysteriously eaten and blames it on the neighborhood cats whom quickly "Rat out" the real culprits to this crime, Mr. and Mrs. Butt-Cheese in which assume the roll of. Eat all of the K-9 Krunchies to complete the level, collect all of the cheese in each level to achieve Super Rat Butt Cheese! abilities Super Booty Cannon (which can only be shot from rear) and Silent Fart Clouds which linger in the spot where you dealt it. The are certain teleport blocks that only the Rats can enter that transport you to the opposite side of the maze. Make use of these strategies as the A.I. can be brutal. Ultimate goal is a classic 80's get the highest score. Single Player and Co-op Modes available. Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller supported. (Keyboard controls for both players are mapped for those that use Joy2Key or controller/keyboard emulators).


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